Market America Training

Market America Distributor Paul CarlottaTraining and mentoring our team is a very important part of what we do to ensure everyone reaches success with their Market America UnFranchise.  This online training page is designed to help you begin your training immediately from the comfort of your home.  It is important that you begin implementing these training principles and continue your training.  Check for additional trainings in your area.



"You can't build muscle in an hour, a day, or even a weekend. Only with total immersion and consistent training can you produce lasting results." -Tony Robbins

Introduction Video

Please watch the Introduction Video first before you begin your training modules.



How to Successfully Build Your Business

New Distributor Training (NDT)

Market America New Distributor Training is training about our company, terminology and requirements.

New Distributor Training (Part 1)


New Distributor Training (Part 2)

Basic 5 Training

The training modules are divided into the basic five fundamentals to successfully build your internet franchise.

Attitude & Knowledge


Developing Goals & a Goal Statement




Prospecting & Recruiting


Follow-up & ABC Pattern of Building Depth


"It's in moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.  Choose well." - Anthony Robbins



Success Stories

Sue & Pat Flynn

We had a goal to retire at 50 years old. Sue retired from her executive position and Pat retired as a teacher. We bought our dream home in a resort location.  Today, we enjoy the perfect balance of life, building our business part-time, and traveling the world.  Thank you Paul and Lisa!  We appreciate all your help, training and support our business.
-Sue and Pat Flynn, Berlin, MD

Shelley Samsal

I was able to resign my stressful corporate position.  This business has given me the peace of mind to know that I am providing for my family without taking away from my most important responsibility, which is the Mother of two incredible boys.  It truly is the best of both worlds, I have a business that I work from home and be here for everything my family needs.  I am grateful to Paul and Lisa for your continued support and mentorship. -Shelley Samsal, Salisbury, MD

Jesse Smith

The two things I did not have was a system allowing me to truly use the power of the internet and the security of knowing all of the years I spent working would generate a residual income that would allow my family to continue to live the lifestyle they deserve.  Market America’s UnFranchise business plan gives me both of those and what no other direct selling, franchise, network or multi-level marketing business could and so much more. Thank you Paul, Lisa and the Carlotta group for your awesome leadership! -Jesse Smith, Oklahoma City, OK

Kellan Duffy

As a single Mother with three children, the business was the perfect answer to creating a professional income from home that worked around my busy schedule.  Working with Paul and Lisa has been so helpful to learn exactly what I need to do to be successful immediately.  Thank you so much for all you do! -Kellan Duffy, Raleigh, NC


Take advantage of these important tools to build a successful Market America UnFranchise.

Interview with Paul Carlotta


Market America Business Plan

This interview is a great tool to share with your prospective business partners, so they can hear first-hand what Market America has to offer and how it can give you time and financial freedom. 
Please watch the Market America Business Plan.  Our business plan is our best product.  In today's economy, know what you have to help yourself and others take control of their financial future.